The Meare is a boating lake complete with little islands to explore. Covering some sixty acres, with over forty acres of water, the lake is no more than three feet deep, and so provides a very safe boating environment.

The artificial boating lake is a fantastic allusion to J.M Barrie’s Peter Pan. With the small islands, designed for children to play, have locations from the famous novel such as Pirates Lair and Wendy’s Home – you can even find a wooden crocodile on one island!

The lake is open from Spring to the end of Summer and additionally on some Autumn weekends, depending on the weather.

Dinghies, kayaks, large family rowing boats, canoes, punts and sailing boats are all available for hire, making this an ideal spot for family trips! 

“There is probably no other place in England – or on earth – where children of either sex and any age can so completely realise their world of make-believe under conditions which are so absolutely safe and amidst surroundings which are so perfectly beautiful as on the Thorpeness Meare”  Concerning Thorpeness, 1924.

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The Meare